Fields of History: The Great War

Fields of History: The Great War

A First World War Grand Strategy Game

Fields of History: The Great War is a real-time Grand Strategy game about the First World War. Relive this period of History by choosing a country and managing all the political, economic, technological and military aspects. Lead your Nation throughout the Great War to emerge victorious. Impose your vision of the world or thwart History by rewriting it, it's up to you!

Fields of History: The Great War Map

Main Features

  • A 3D Realistic World Map of more than 10,000 Provinces representing at the best the geographical, topological and meteorological conditions of the early 20th Century
  • A Political System depicting accurately and historically the geopolitical situation in the 1910s with all the Historical Leaders faithfully represented
  • Administrative Laws and Multiple levels of Autonomy will change the way you play whether you are at the head of an Empire, a Sovereign Nation or Semi-Independent State
  • Historical Events, National Decisions and Decrees will confront you with choices that may have repercussions on your country and your neighbors
  • More than 250 Technologies to research and more than 300 Military Equipments
  • Steal Technologies, conduct Espionage Missions, Sabotage Warehouses or sow discord among your Enemies by inciting Revolts
  • A personalized Production System that will help you better guide your productions of equipments and food for your soldiers but also for your population, wich, if not well provided, could show discontent that could harm you in the long term
  • Supply Lines that will need to be developed and maintained to allow your Armies to be properly supplied to face your Enemies in the best possible conditions
  • Manage and Organize your Corps, Armies, Fleets and Squadrons by appointing your best Military Officers at key positions
  • Surround an enemy Division to make Prisoners of War (POWs) and use them in your industries as a labour force.
  • Order Chemicals Attacks and Bombard your enemies from the ground, the sky and the sea
  • A Dynamic Worldwide Economy that will allow you, depending on the needs of your Civilian and Military Industries, to Buy and Sell raw materials

Fields of History: The Great War HQ

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