Release of Silent U-Boat: Atlantic Hunter on Amazon 8 January 2016

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Today, Wolferos is proud to announce the release of our game on Amazon Appstore, Silent U-Boat: Atlantic Hunter.

Silent U-Boat is still available on

Google Play

Release of Silent U-Boat: Atlantic Hunter 24 November 2015

Silent U-Boat Logo
Today, after several months of developpement, Wolferos is proud to announce the release of the Android version of its very first game on Google Play, Silent U-Boat: Atlantic Hunter.

In Silent U-Boat: Altantic Hunter, the player takes command of the U-42, a type VII class U-Boat, during World War II.

Gain experience, ranks and medals. Improve your torpedoes and your submarine throughout the war, from 1939 to 1945.

Infiltrate through English Channel, Gibraltar, Suez Canal and others dangerous areas. Always stay alert, sail the seas and the oceans, use your sonar, sink warships and cargo ships, avoid being detected and try to escape the merciless Royal Air Force.

The lives of your crew and the future of Germany is in your hands...

Silent U-Boat: Altantic Hunter is powered by the Wolf Engine, it features amazing reals 3D models, lighting effects, dynamic weather and multiple environments.

Two of our 3D models (Low Poly) 22 November 2015

Here’s two of our low poly 3D models for Silent U-Boat: Atlantic Hunter, our upcoming game.



Opening of our Website 21 November 2015

We are proud to announce today the opening of our website.

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