About Wolferos

Wolferos is a small game development studio founded in 2015.

After developing the Wolf Engine, its own 3D engine for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android, Wolferos released its first game Silent U-Boat: Atlantic Hunter in November 2015, a World War II submarine game which puts you in command of the U-Boat 42.

In 2016, Wolferos improved the Wolf Engine and published two new games, Titanic: The Unsinkable and Space Shuttle: Meteor Impact.

After that, Wolferos started a new game project on the Space Conquest but also, as a side project, The Great War Mod for Hearts of Iron IV.

Quickly the Mod's popularity exceeded all expectations, so much that it was awarded by the 3rd place of the famous Mod of The Year organized by Mod DB.

Strong of the success of its Mod, Wolferos embarked on a new project Fields of History: The Great War, a new Grand Strategy game. If you want to get more information about this great project, please visit the dedicated Patreon page.

In parallel, Wolferos has decided to engage itself in community projects and has published its Wolferos Shared Digital Media License (WSDML) to allow authorised projects to use some of their assets.

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